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What is Forged Steel Roll and How is it Involved in Industry?

Forged steel rolls are used in various industries such as steel, nonferrous, and others. These rolls are manufactured under the total production system which consists of a sophisticated quality control system from raw material procurement to product packing and shipment, and a certain technology and know-how of heat treatment are applied by high frequency induction, polishing and so forth.

Forged steel roll requires a high mechanical strength and wear resistance because it is used under very severe condition.

Such requirement must be met by the most advanced technology and know-how which include material selection, heat treatment, machining, polishing and so on.

Successful making of forged steel roll must result in high wear and heat resistant roll which has hardened layer (Hs ³ 80). This level can be reached by having excellent raw material and sophisticated quenching technology.

Some small forged steel rolls are made from special steel which contain Cr, Mo and V as well as high C by using a unique quenching technology.

Forged steel rolls are divided into several types as follows:

  1. Large Diameter Forged Roll
  2. Small Diameter Forged Roll
  3. Abrasion Resistant Roll
  4. Cylindrical Roll
  5. Welding Roll
  6. Thermal Sprayed Roll
  7. Hot Leveler Work Roll

The production process of steel rolled is divided into several stages as follows:

  1. Forming
  2. Welding (For certain type)
  3. Post Annealing
  4. Machining
  5. Induction Quenching and Tempering
  6. Machining
  7. Journal Assembly
  8. Finish Machining
  9. Inspection
  10. Product

Steel rolls are slow moving materials in production because they are considered tools/equipment. So, maintaining their condition is a must for production people. If they are maintained properly, they will serve the production well and last for quite long time.

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